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Terms & Conditions

Dear Parents/Guardians, thank you for enrolling your child to The Living Room Hong Kong. We want to give you a general understanding of us, our classes and guidelines.

The Living Room is where friendships are formed, trust is established, and kids can be themselves without unnecessary pressures and expectations. This creates fertile ground for true personal development.

We customize each lesson based on the student (s) level and ability. The hourly sessions would usually consist of ice-breaking games, skill assessment, learn and practice new beats or songs, coaching and finish with constructive feedback. We exercise taking small breaks every 15-20 minutes, especially for younger students in order to help them increase focus and experience the fun of learning.

Private Lessons are where we can either go to your house or you can come to The Living Room and have one on one personal training to really help you develop and focus on your own personal development.

Group Classes are where we equip students with the fundamentals to practical music-instrument playing. In the sessions we will cover areas such as understanding different chords and strum patterns. We will also learn to play cover songs and write songs together. Depending on age and instrument, group size is usually 4-6 students for each lesson.

The Rock School is a THREE DAY LONG camp that puts your child in a band situation where they are taught basic music theory, learn about dynamics of playing in a band, opportunity to write their own songs and discuss how they can use their newfound skills to make a positive contribution to society.

Please note that student’s parent must inform The Living Room of any relevant physical or medical condition of their child as well as dietary concerns when joining any of our session or camp.

Payment – To secure your place for private or group sessions, payment should be made on or before the class for Private and Group sessions. For Rock Camp, full payment should be made within 24hrs of registration.

PAYMENT can be made by:
Cheque: “The Living Room Ltd”
Bank Transfer: HSBC Account: (004) 652-229774-001

Cancellation – we reserve coaches, prepare and ensure suitable resources for each session. Therefore, we require minimum one week notification if you need to cancel and reschedule your session.The Living Room may charge 50% fee or no refund will be provided. Last minute cancellations will only be accepted when there is an obvious or proven health and safety concern.

Similar terms applies for Rock Camp. We do not provide fee reimbursement once placement for student has been confirmed. However, we will be glad to offer up to 50% incentive towards the next Rock Camp.

The Living Room reserves the right to make the final decision with regards to cancellation. Many thanks for your support! The Living Room HK!

PS. Email info@thelivingroom.hk or call +852 9175 9811 to book your next lesson.